Website Hosting and Maintenance

What you get with hosting

We offer one of the best web hosting plans there is. When you host your website with us you will get the extremely fast page loading time and security to protect your site. In addition, we take automatic daily backups. This allows us to have a copy of your website ready to load in the event of a disaster. We offer a free SSL certificate with our web hosting plans saving you up to $100 per year. Routine updates to site components are made regularly to keep your site up to date and secure. You get the full package when you host your website with us. Need a little more? Check out our website maintenance plan below.

What you get with a monthly plan

With our maintenance plan, you get everything that comes with the web hosting plan and more. Take advantage of unlimited updates and edits to existing content. You can add pictures to your gallery, give updates on what is going on with your business, let your customers know about sales and much more when you sign up for a maintenance plan. Need website maintenance for your E-Commerce Website? We’ve got you covered. We will fully manage your E-Commerce website. With this, you can update products, add products, change shipping and tax info. You name it and we can do it for you.¬†We are extremely responsive and will get back you in a matter of minutes in almost every case. Just email, text, Facebook message or chat with us through our website to get immediate and premium support for any website.